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A new addition to UT: chess club

By Steven Bieber

Chess is an ancient game dating back to the sixth century. The rules of chess would change over time until the 1880’s when the game developed into the version people are familiar with today.

Chess is now widely available online and becoming increasingly popular.

Since 1886, there have been championships hosted every year to crown a Chess World Champion.

High schools and universities have chess clubs and teams that allow students to practice their skills in the game of strategy that is chess.

A new addition to the chess club list: The University of Toledo.

First-year student Surya Parasuraman set up Chess Knights club at UT.

“I love playing chess. I wanted to spread my love of chess,” Parasuraman said. “It is not just a game, it can actually improve your life, you can improve skills such as memory.”

There are multiple aspects of chess that draw Parasuraman to the game. He enjoys the connection between the skills that can be found in chess and daily life.

“By the third move there are nine million different possible positions. By playing chess you are improving yourself as a person.”

Parasuraman started playing chess when he was in seventh grade. He says chess has stayed popular for so long because, “it is part of culture. The thought that you always have to plan ahead comes from chess.”

One person who came to an early meeting was Daisy Caruso, a third-year student majoring in Media Communication. She joined because she missed playing the game.

“I always liked playing chess, I was on a chess team in high school and I wanted to play again,” Caruso said.

Nasir Chaudhory, a graduate student studying Accounting showed up because of his knowledge of the game.

“This is the only game I know; I don’t have any other opportunity to play here; it’s fun to me,” Chaudhory said.

The love for chess runs in the family for Chaudhory.

Chess Knights will meet every Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm in room 2579 in the Student Union.

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